‘We are SG’: free NFTs for Singaporeans this National Day (gas fees apply)

Mint for your country.



Introducing the ‘We are SG’ collection of 9,822 utility NFTs, created by creative agency Germs just in time for 9 August. These NFTs aim to showcase Singapore’s unique cultures and traits to the world. Singaporeans will be able to mint these NFTs—for free!—at the stroke of midnight on National Day.


Here are several reasons to get yourself a piece of digital history.


The 'We are SG' NFT collection is inspired by all things Singaporean

Singaporeans enter the metaverse

The ‘We are SG’ NFT series is designed to be high utility and relevant to all Singaporeans. Every piece is configured with artwork portraying everyday characters and cultural traits unique to the country. Each distinctly Singaporean trait is created as a layer, and 9,822 artworks will be generated from a myriad combination of these layers.

Art of local lives

These NFTs depict scenes such as a coffee-shop uncle sporting a Good Morning towel, a lion dance, durians and Toto tickets—all things Singaporean.

Banking on blockchain

The collection runs on Ethereum, and will be unveiled to the NFT holders several days after launch. These NFTs will also be listed on secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea.

NFTs that unlock IRL experiences

‘We are SG’ is collaborating with utility partners to make the drop “a uniquely beneficial collection to Singaporeans”. Among them are local banking giant UOB; F&B establishmentEmpire Eats (which operates brands such as Tanuki Raw, Standing Sushi Bar and Salmon Samurai), The Secret Mermaid and The World is Flat at Jewel Changi; Viu, a regional video streaming platform; fitness group True Fitness; and Bioderma.


Local lifestyle brands such as Singapore’s first wet-plate photography studio Hip Xiong Photo Studio, fashion label Akinn, wine retailer BoundbyWine and martial arts school Neue Fit will also add to the IRL mix of special discounts and experiences for NFT holders.

Transitioning from Web2 to Web3

“Our project aims to simplify the narrative of NFTs to help Web 2.0 audiences transition into the Web 3.0 space. As the NFTs will be minted for free, it becomes a low barrier of entry for Singaporeans to acquire digital art and enrich their understanding of the NFT space through an exciting, relevant and meaningful ownership experience,” says a spokesperson for Germs, the company involved in the drop.

A step-by-step guide

‘We are SG’ works with Alchemy Pay to allow ease of buying Ethereum with credit card using their Crypto Ramps solution. So buying a ‘We are SG’ NFT would be as simple as shopping online with your credit card. To make things even easier, a step-by-step video on the ‘We are SG’ website will show NFT newbies how to create a wallet and buy their first NFT. Among the 9,822 NFTs, there will be 12 limited-edition NFTs with unique traits.

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