Five of the top virtual fashion experiences at Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week

Cash Lab founder David Cash gives an insider’s view of the digital fashion event of the year (from 24 – 27 March 2022).




This year, I had the chance to curate for the Decentraland Foundation’s first Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW)—set up to be a week celebrating and exhibiting fashion in every means possible, both within and beyond the confines of reality, thanks to the unlimited potential of the metaverse. Featuring […] Dolce&Gabbana, Estée Lauder, Tommy Hilfiger, Etro, Elie Saab and over 60 more brands, this event is set to be one of the most significant activations in both the metaverse and the fashion world for quite some time. In this article, I hope to take you beyond some of what you may have seen in other press for the event and highlight five activations I’ve become aware of while working on the event, all of which are quite cutting-edge, and I recommend that you check out during the four-day event.

Showstudio Fashion Film Festival


From 24 – 27 March on the rooftop of my Cash Labs Gallery, Nick Knight’s pioneering production house Showstudio will grace us with four days of films from his vault—ranging from experimental works to high-profile collaborations with major brands including Alexander McQueen, Comme des Garçons, Vogue Japan and many others. Each day’s offerings will revolve around four core curational subjects: Blended Realities, High Fashion, Experimental and Emerging Talents. Given the depth and breadth of Knight’s vault, this selection of 20 films includes some of his most iconic work as well as some incredibly exciting recent experimentations utilising the full extent of AR/VR as well as 3D artwork. These films feel oddly at home within the metaverse environment of Decentraland, and I can’t wait for you to see them for yourself. 


Where: Cash Labs Gallery

Metaloop by Kollectiff


Created by Kollectiff, Metaloop is a Web3 innovation and venture studio, whose unique catwalk brings runway shows to life in collaboration with DressX, Perry Ellis, Cider, 8sian, The Rebels, Christine Massarany, Anrealage and more. The Metaloop presented by Kollectiff will be hosting continuous shows and after-parties throughout the event. The Metaloop event space on Decentraland also features a virtual upper deck for brands to host after-parties for up to an hour aiming to extend the socialisation in the metaverse.


Where: Kollectiff Catwalk

Boson Protocol Shopping Street


DeFi mainstay Boson Protocol introduces 20 brands—from Tommy Hilfiger to Hogan [and] Chubbies to top NFT project Deadfellaz—into meta-commerce during this year’s MVFW. Boson Protocol is not only onboarding major players into the metaverse, but also introducing ‘phygital shopping’ to Decentraland. That’s right! Many of the items that you can buy in the Boson district of Decentraland will come along with physical items that will be redeemable IRL. 


According to their website:

“Boson Protocol, the universal commerce settlement layer for Web3, is partnering with some of the world’s most sought-after brands for Metaverse Fashion Week. Each brand will sell their exclusive physical products as redeemable NFTs within a boulevard of metaverse stores located in Boson Portal, Decentraland.”


Boson Portal is enabling brands to sell luxury and exclusive physical products as NFTs that can be redeemable both in the metaverse and IRL. Explore more for yourself this week!


Where: Boson Portal

Auroboros's Closing Party featuring Grimes


Auroboros will be closing MVFW22 together with headline act and Josh Safdie’s muse, Grimes. Join Auroboros x Grimes in celebrating this historical moment at their MVFW22 closing show, featuring an immersive DJ set performed by their muse and superstar Grimes. Founded by Paula Sello and Alissa Aulbekova, Auroboros is an award-winning digital luxury fashion house creating a utopian premise for the near future. 


Where: UNXD Luxury District

Brytehall Rooftop Gallery at the Cash Labs Gallery


Last but certainly not least, I thought it was necessary to mention the incredible activation that we at Brytehall will present: ‘Fashion Eden’, a conceptual pop-up showroom. Running from 24 – 27 March, the pop-up will appear on the rooftop of my Cash Labs Art Gallery & Screening Space and will host an inspired collection of fashion and art that has been carefully selected by Hong Kong-based curatorial collective The MetaArt Club.


Fashion Eden will appear as a virtual garden and visitors will be met with a sea of flowers surrounding elevated displays of digital fashion and art. These creations will be auctioned exclusively on Brytehall, with 10 percent of revenue going to the Vogue Singapore Foundation—an initiative to grow and support Asian entrepreneurial talent showing strides in sustainability and innovation by giving them the tools, knowledge and monetary support to place them on the global stage. The collection presented is a unique collaboration between two renowned creators: The MetaArt Club artist, architect and digital couturier Niccolo Casas and multifaceted digital video artist FrankNitty3000


Where: Cash Labs Gallery


As you can tell, there will be a ton to do [during the] fashion week. And this article has only scratched the surface! In order to look through all of the scheduled events happening this week, check out Decentraland’s dedicated microsite and/or go to their events page. On top of all of the official events, a ton of brands and communities will be popping up across Decentraland and other metaverse solutions in the spirit of Metaverse Fashion Week so I encourage you to explore beyond the scheduled events. Happy fashion week!